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Leaders in Minimally Invasive and Motion Preservation Spine Care

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Welcome to Fourth Corner Neurosurgical Associates

Welcome to Fourth Corner
Neurosurgical Associates

We provide surgical and pain management options for the treatment of brain, neck, and spine conditions including emergency trauma, injury, arthritis, and cancer.

Our board certified physicians provide services in Whatcom and Skagit Counties, and the State of Alaska. With our highly experienced staff we are the premier Neurosurgical group north of Everett.

Patient Testimonials

          A year ago, I couldn’t walk without crying from the pain. Turning over in bed was out of the question. Then, I saw Dr. Meredith. He literally saved my life. Dr. Christopher Meredith is the most capable, caring and incredible doctor I have ever been to.

— Mary F.

          Dr. Christopher Meredith has done 2 back surgeries on me in the past 4 years. Both turned out great. I found he and his staff very thorough and friendly. Both PA’s, Curt and Meredith were the best. Have full confidence in all Dr. Christopher Meredith.

— Charles P.

Surgery Center

When you become our patient, your welfare is our first concern. We often suggest patients seek other forms of therapy before advising you to have surgery. We will always advise you of the risks and the expectations for success while assisting you in the decision making process. Our staff becomes your advocate, arranging for diagnostics, seeking approval from insurance companies, and coordinating the services you need to complete a course of treatment, including follow-up. Fourth Corner Neurosurgical Associates performed 1,154 surgical procedures and 6,529 injections with a below industry infection rate of 0.09% since opening in 2017.

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