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Two weeks ago today you performed five levels of cervical fusion on me! Just a note to let you know How well I am recuperating! No more pinched nerve pain. Thank you for scheduling the surgery so quickly and for patiently answering each and every one of my questions regardless of the thousands of surgeries you have done! Deep gratitude to you and your team for professionalism, expertise, and kindness. See you soon for a follow up.


Very satisfied with services here. Thank you for helping me. Greatly appreciated. You have helped me get back to activities I love to do.

Carla H.

Regarding Dr. McQueen and Dr. Landau.

Dr. McQueen,

For the first time in eight months, the pain in my right shoulder and right side of my neck is sublimated to the point of being 9 to 9.5 removed (gone).  I wish to express my gratitude for your “hitting the right spot” with the steroid on Tuesday.  Again, thanks for your Mississipi born touch.


Wanted to know how pleased I am with my healthcare with Dr. Baker and the friendly staff. This was my second surgery with 4th Corner Neurosurgical and I will highly recommend to others. Plus their expert care and TLC- Thank you


Dr. McQueen and staff were great! They made me feel comfortable in an otherwise stressful moment.

Cynthia C.

Regarding Dr. McQueen

I don’t think it would be possible to have had a better experience. The entire staff not only knew their specific but was very aware of co-staff duties so all was flawless. Thanks to all of you.

William V.

Regarding Dr. Landau

I have suffered chronic back pain for years and years, with not one day of relief.  I had given up golf, walking, long distance traveling, too disabled to participate.  Per your orders, Dr. McQueen administered an Epidermal on Tuesday.  I woke up the next day, rolled out of my bed, and cried.  No pain, just a little soreness in my hips.

Like the Holy Spirit ran down my spine and zapped the HELL out that Devil living in my back.  I am elated, yet embarrassed, I allowed myself to suffer for so long.  Praise the Lord, and God Bless you for making this happen.  I am sending both you and Dr. McQueen a huge ray of light and love.  I am so grateful, you have given me hope and freedom, and more productive days.


Hendrik is outstanding, Dr. Landau absolutely the “Best in Class”


The staff is awesome and work so well together, I felt right at home! If I was still a nurse I would want to work with you all!

Tammy M.

Regarding Dr. Landau

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