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Spinal Deformity

The spine is quite literally the backbone of the body. It serves as a complex system through which the brain controls all functions of the body. But when disease or injury causes problems within the spine, it can rain down uncomfortable symptoms on the rest of the body as well. Neurosurgeons work hard to free […]

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Lateral/Lumbar Fusion

Low back pain is an extremely common condition in the U.S. There are many treatment modalities available to the typical low back pain patient but when conservative care fails, often times it is surgical care that brings eventual relief. Infrequently, surgical care involves extensive surgery and reconstruction of the spine including spinal fusion. When this […]

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Pain Management

The lower spine is lined with small joints called facet joints. These joints contain medial nerves that submit pain signals to the brain when the joint has become inflamed. A lumbar medial branch block is a numbing injection administered to the nerves of an inflamed facet joint in the lower back. The medication ‘blocks’ pain […]

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Sacro-Iliac (SI) Joint Fusion

The SI joint has received significantly more attention as a possible pain generator in recent years. It is a possible source of low back pain in patients with prior lumbar fusions but can also be a source of pain in patients without prior surgeries. Diagnostic injections are often helpful in identifying this area as a […]

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